Side Projects

Joey Stanley


March 9, 2018

Around the first of the year, I saw that several academics I follow on Twitter made a goal to read 365 papers during 2018. They tweet about their papers and use the hashtag #365papers. I don’t stand a chance at reaching that goal of 365 papers, but I decided to join in.

What’s the point?

First off, why bother doing this over Twitter? I can think of several reasons.

  1. Twitter is an interesting place for academics and this just sort of fits in with what goes on there.

  2. If I read papers written by people I know on Twitter, I’ll @ them. It not only lets them know I’m reading their work, it’s a quick way to incorporate them into the conversation.

  3. In general, keeping track of the papers I read is healthy because it’s easier to go back and find something I read when I have a spreadsheet.

  4. Keeping track in a way for others to see is even more motivating because I don’t want to quit halfway through.

Essentially, I find it useful to keep track of things. I always feel like I need to read more academic work, so this is a nice way to motivate myself to do so.

Twitter feed

The rest of this post will be updated periodically to include my tweets. For brevity, I’ll only post parent tweets here, but sometimes I do a tweetstorm and include some commentary, which sometimes includes comments from others.

At this point, I decided to stop Tweeting. It was more of a commitment than I was willing to get myself into. Plus, I was reading some foundational things that I felt embarrassed to admit I hadn’t read yet. 😅 But I did finish, and you can read my post about when I read my 365th paper here.