Reviewer Feedback


Joey Stanley


October 7, 2016

Yesterday I got the reviewer feedback for the paper I’m going to be presenting at the American Dialect Society in January.

This is not the first time I’ve gotten reviewer feedback: I’ve submitted several things to big enough conferences where reviewers give their feedback. But they’re usually something like, “Okay yeah that’s cool and all, but here are some obvious things you should consider. I’ll reluctantly give you a pass, but I expect major changes at the conference.” Either that, or they’re brutally honest and say it’s garbage.

I’m grateful for the feedback every time because it’s completely spot-on, and reading an uncomfortable email alone at my desk is merciful compared to what I might potentially hear at conferences. Or worse, what I might not hear but what people think.

But, I’m happy to report I had three glowing reviews this time! On top of that, I was offered advice on some studies to look up and some ways to strengthen my argument. Maybe this is an interesting topic after all!