This handout accompanies the workshop given on September 4, 2019 at UGA’s DigiLab in the Main Library. There is some overlap with a blog post I did a couple years ago, but this is the first time this material has been presented in a workshop format. There is also a supplemental handout, which goes into more detail about ggplot2::theme. As always, please visit for the latest materials.

1 Unncessary background story

A few years ago, I found myself developing a look and feel that I liked for my term papers, powerpoint slides, conference posters, and my website (including this handout!). I found a font and color scheme that I thought looked nice, and because it was unique, I thought it might turn into a branding of some sort.

The problem was the visuals I made in ggplot2 didn’t match at all. They didn’t use the same colors or font or anything like that. Even after I made some of the changes I’ve talked about in previous workshops, it was quite obvious that I just copy and pasted the plots right in the middle of my presentation or website and it they didn’t match. A plot for example might have looked like this: